The biggest challenges of our time are outside Norway's borders, that is why the Human Rights Academy (HRA) has an international commitment. Since 2008, we have run extensive activities in Russia, where the Human Rights Academy has organized a number of courses and other teaching activities for teachers and journalism students

The Academy is also a partner in projects and cooperation programs in several European countries such as BulgariaPortugalPolandRomania, Slovakia, and Latvia. The Human Rights Academy has also organized different courses in Africa and Asia. 

International Meetings

The Human Rights Academy participates in a number of international conferences and meetings on democracy and human rights education. The academy is an active participant in the European  DARE network (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe) which consists of close to 36 organizations working with education in democracy and human rights in more than 26 countries.

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FN-møte om undervisning mot kriminalitet og korrupsjon

HRA represented at expert meeting in Geneva, 2017. United Nations Office on Drugs and International Crime (UNODC).  

Human Rights Education - A growing subject area.

In recent decades, there has been an increasing focus on human rights education as a tool for promoting peace, democracy and respect for human rights. In 2010, the Council of Europe adopted the Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education and Training. The following year, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training. In the documents, the Council of Europe and the UN call on the member States to strengthen human rights education in schools and society in general. The Human Rights Academy, as well as many other non-governmental organizations around the world, work in the field in order to get States to prioritize such education that helps to preserve peace, democracy, anti-discrimination and to increase respect for human rights in society.

Photo: Eirin Sørum

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