Human Rights Challenges

According to the 2020 Universal Periodic Review from the United Nations, the human rights challenges in Bulgaria relates to, among others: 

  • Discriminatory practices against women - stereotypical patterns regarding the roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and society. High prevalence of domestic violence.
  • Harassment by police and ill-treatment during investigations, prosecute perpetrators.
  • Lack of protection of the rights for same-sex-couples.
  • High dropout rates in education.
  • Violent and discriminatory practices against children and adults with disabilities.
  • Roma children victims of segregation in the school system.

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Human Rights Academy’s projects

The Human Rights Academy has been working in Bulgaria since 2015.  

Human Rights Lens (2022-2024)

  • Aim: Support human rights and develop innovative methods for human rights education. regions: Varshets, Montana, Blagoevgrad and Gotse Delchev
  • Activities:
    1. Educational tools for teaching human rights for teachers and youth facilitators, including the manuals: "Teaching Human Rights" and «Dialoges about rights"
    2. Innovative educational practices for young people (Human Rights Lens/Video Labs) 
    3. Trainings for your people and educators 
  • Partner: Partners Bulgaria Foundation
  • Funding: Active Citizens Fund under the Financial Mechanism of European Economic Area
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    26.03.2022: Human Rights Lens (Partners Bulgaria Foundation)  

Increasing democratic competence and understanding of human rights among young people (2019-2022)

Bulgaria: Museums and Democracy Education

Development of a monitoring methodology and conducting national monitoring of policies and institutional practices regarding domestic and gender- based violence in Bulgaria (2019-2022) 

Innsats mot vold i Bulgaria

"Build bridges for a change" (2018-2020)

  • Aim: To produce Manual for training of vulnerable groups' representatives for their inclusion into policy making in a local level.
  • Activities: Workshops on human rights and mechanisms of their protection, non-discrimination, identity, intercultural understanding; production of manual/ guidelines on decision-making process: Good examples from Norway/ CSOs in Norway.
  • Partners: New Road Association, Bulgarian School of Politics "Dimitar Panitza".
  • Funding: EEA Grants.

National Study on Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (2015-2017)

Other Activities 

"Between Fact and Fake: Building Resilience to Misinformation". International workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria (2018) 

  • A total of 30 participants from 14 European countries participated in the workshop "Between Fact and Fake: Building Resilience to Misinformation" in Sofia, Bulgaria on 28 and 29 May. The meeting was organized by the Faculty of Economic Sociology at the University of Sofia, the Partners Bulgaria Foundation and the Partners for Democratic Change (Slovakia). Participants were researchers, journalists, educators and representatives from a number of different civil society organizations.
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