Human Rights Challenges

According to the 2017 Universal Periodic Review from United Nations, the human rights challenges in Poland relates to, among others:

  • Incidents of violence, hate speech and discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation;
  • Racial violence and discrimination;
  • Lack of independence and impartiality of the judiciary;
  • Lack of an appropriate system of legal aid;
  • Tendency of family court judges to place children in institutional care rather than prioritize the provision of support to the family of origin or choose placement in family-based care;
  • Discrimination of migrants and refugees in housing;
  • Inequality in gaining access to quality education;
  • Structural barriers negatively affecting the enrolment of girls and women in non-traditional educational and vocational fields and gender segregation in the educational system;
  • Lack of education for asylum-seeking children placed in detention centres;
  • Sex and gender-based discrimination in political and public life;
  • Ill-treatment of children in police emergency youth centres, youth shelters or reform schools;
  • Forced marriages of girls in situations of migration and refugee and asylum-seeking girls.

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Human Rights Academy's project

Inclusion is the key. Developing and testing educational solutions for schools to achieve wellbeing of all students (2020-2022)        

  • Aim: The aim of the project is to prepare and disseminate a model for developing social, civic and personal competencies in school, while strengthening the inclusiveness of pedagogical activities and strengthening the students' voices. The expected results support programs for schools, a guide, an internet course, workshop programs, recommendations and good practices.
  • Activities: The role of Human Rights Academy (HRA) is primarily expert. HRA will conduct expert seminars and webinars for teachers, school leaders and employees of partner organisation. HRA will also consult the materials developed by supplying with the perspective of Norway’s experience in inclusive education.
  • Partners: Fundacja Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej/ Centre for Citizenship Education Foundation.
  • Funding: The projects benefits from funding worth 109 thousand Euros received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA funds.  
  •
    -10.12.2020 Interview with Lillian Hjorth, Director Human Rights Academy 

 Other activities

Digital workshop: The limits of freedom in Poland (14.12.2020) 

Danuta Sowińska focus on challenges in Poland connected to freedom of thought , religion, and women rights (abortion) and discrimiation of minorities (LGBT). Several new laws have resulted in numerous civilian protests all over Poland. About Danuta Sowińska: Danuta is a writer, commentator and LGBT-activist. She leads the organization Diversity Polska in Gdansk.

Workshop in human rights education in Warsawa (2017)

  • Aim: To launch the polish version of the "Build bridges, not walls" by Lillian Hjorth and Enver Djuliman. The book has now been translated into Polish: Buduj mosty, nie mury.
  • Activities: Human Rights Academy organized a workshop in Warsaw for teachers addressing human rights, multicultural understanding and conflict management.
  • Partners: The Bronislaw Geremek Foundation.  
  • Read more: Workshop in Warsawa
«Bygg broer, ikke murer» på polsk



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