Human Rights Challenges

According to the 2019 Universal Periodic Review from United Nations, the human rights challenges in Portugal relate to, among others:

  • Racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance, hate speech, and the spread of racism and stereotypes, specially within Roma, migrants, Muslims and African descent;
  • Domestic violence, investigation of cases and access to justice;
  • Overcrowding prisons, adequate sanitary and health conditions in prisons;
  • Appropriate punishment for police and prison guards regarding ill-treatment and abuse;
  • Wage gap between woman and man pay for equal work, high unemployment rate;
  • Access to sexual and reproductive health;
  • Access to education within ethnic minorities;
  • Immigration-related detention of children, free access to education, health and social services.

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Human Rights Academy's projects

The Human Rights Academy has been working in Portugal since 2014.

Democracy for young people in Portugal (2019-2021)

  • Aim: Develop active citizenship and strengthen democracy in Portugal.
      • Activities: Teaching materials will be developed, and teachers and course leaders will receive training. Workshops, seminars and school campaigns must be organized.
      • Partners: Associação Mais Cidadania ("More Citizenship") and Confederação Portuguesa de Voluntariado ("Association of Volunteers").
      • Funding: EEA Grant.
      • Read more: Democracy for youth people in Portugal.
      • Toolkit:“Connected with #citizenship.”

Seminar on Children's Rights (2016)

  • Aim: Discuss on how to teach human rights to children.
  • Activities: Human Rights Academy (MRA) organized a three-day seminar in Lisbon for psychologists, teachers and social workers .
  • Partners: ARISCO.
  • Funding: EEA Grant.
  • Read more: Seminar on Children’s rights.

We Stand for Human Rights! (2014)

  • Aim: Stimulate more and better the human rights education in the school system and the Portuguese community.
  • Activities: Organizing courses for a number of target groups, including for disadvantaged youth.
  • Partners: Dinamo and the Teachers College in Lisbon.
  • Funding: EEA Grant.
  • Read more: 

           Dinamo webpage (Portuguese).

           Council of Europe webpage (English).

           Resource for teachers - Compass (English).


Other activities

Norwegian-Portuguese cooperation (2018)

  • Aim: Strengthen cooperation between Norway and the recipient countries.
  • Activities: The conference for Norwegian-Portuguese cooperation was held in Lisbon. More than 200 collaborative projects in many different areas have been completed in Portugal.
  • Partners: ARISCO and Dinamo.
  • Funding: EEA Grant.
  • Read more: Norwegian-Portuguese cooperation.



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