Human Rights Lens: Final Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

It was so inspiring to learn more about the good results and the work that so many young people have done in the "Human Right Lens" project. 

Director in the Human Rights Academy, Lillian Hjorth, is impressed after attending the project´s final conference in Sofia November 10.  

In the "Human Rights Lens" project (2022-2024), pupils in the Bulgarian municipalities Varshets, Montana, Blagoevgrad and Gotse Delcev, have first learned about human rights and then afterwords analysed their own surroundings in a human rights perspective. The results have been pictures and videos that express their views about what are local challenges regarding democracy and human rights. In addition to the many pictures and videos, several reports, a survey, a book, and an education manual have been produced in the project. In 2022 the partners organised two human rights workshops for respectively pupils and teachers, activists and municipal employees from the four municipalities . 

Thanks to Partners Bulgaria Foundation´s Director Daniela Kalorova and Trainer Aneta Kalcheva for the excellent job in leading the project. 

Thanks to Active Citizens Fund under the Financial Mechanism of European Economic Area for financial support. 

Partner Bulgaria Foundation´s Director Daniela Kalorova, and trainer Aneta Kalcheva.