The master thesis, Human Rights Education. A qualitative study on pedagogy and perceived outcome of human rights education for unaccompanied minors in Norway, analyse our Human Rights courses for asylum seeking youth.  The thesis is written by Marthe Flesche, a student in Comparative and International Education at the University of Oslo.The main purpose of the research was to investigate the pedagogical approach of the human rights courses and to explore participants’ perceptions of the outcomes.

Flesche completed observations of the courses in addition to interviews with 17 participants conducted between one and two weeks after each course. Based on the in-depth interviews Flesche found that increased knowledge, attitude based on tolerance and respect, and empowerment, were all to be recognized.  Knowledge about human rights, development of attitudes and empowerment are the main goals that Human Rights Academy has stated for the courses.

The observations showed that the pedagogical methods used in the courses included the main elements recognized as expedient pedagogical approaches for Human Rights Education.

                             Marthe Flesche

An extract from the interviews:

Question: Do you believe that your view on human rights and/or justice changed due to attending to the course? –How?
Boy: Yes, it did. It changed a lot. I feel safe now, that I have a decent amount of rights in this world -it makes me feel safe.
Boy: Yes, my worldview changed, and how I will act in the future. I learned a lot.
Boy: No, but I have learned something new.
Girl: Yes, I have many more rights than I thought, and there are a lot of people that are on the level that I was, now I can help some.

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