Young People and Human Rights

mai 20, 2020

The study seeks information about young people in Bulgaria’s perception of human rights. It looks into their abilities to analyze problematic situations from the perspective of human rights defenders, and explores the extent to which human rights and democratic society are important to them.

The report contains an analysis of the results of the study conducted and reflects the quantitative and qualitative information gathered; there is also an overview of the policies and practices related to teaching human rights in Bulgaria.

The findings of the study reflect the opinion and the attitudes of young people regarding the situation of human rights in Bulgaria, the available sources of information and the effectiveness of training in this field.

This report is elaborated within the project Increasing Democratic Competence and Understanding of Human Rights among Young People, implemented by the Partners Bulgaria Foundation (project promoter), in cooperation with Human Rights Academy (Norway), with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism. The project aims to promote human rights and democracy education among children and young people in Bulgaria.

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